To the editor: Wind-energy foes miss the big picture

To the editor: Wind-energy foes miss the big picture

2019-07-01T11:04:00+00:00July 1st, 2019|Wind Energy|

Enough with the NIMBYism.

I read the June 26 story, “Large scale solar farms divide rural neighbors,” with much disgust. Living in a rural area myself and witnessing the farming community suffer from trade wars and erratic climate-change weather one wonders where do these residential people get off telling distressed farmers what they can grow, crops or energy.

These people are selfishly only worried about questionable property values and could care less about their neighboring farmers or their own children’s future in a warming climate. Do they not see the increasingly frequent record storms, the wild fires, floods, and droughts?

Sometimes you have to see the big picture. The picture now is we are running out of time and nitpicking delays will not stop the increasing global march to renewable energy. For all the NIMBYs, take some time and watch the new HBO documentary Ice on Fire. Google it, it’s free online.

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