Stacking Graphene Creates Entirely New Quantum States

Stacking Graphene Creates Entirely New Quantum States

2019-06-29T05:04:15+00:00June 29th, 2019|New Innovations|

The qubits – the basic units of quantum communication – central to quantum computers are incredibly fragile, prone to switching between states at the slightest disruption.

This has made error correction a major focus of quantum computer developers — they need to find a way to keep the systems functioning even if an individual qubit is corrupted. Not only that, but they have to do so without actually measuring the qubits, since that would destroy their ability to exist in multiple states at once.

No easy task.

But now, a team of U.S. physicists has used the “supermaterial” graphene to uncover several entirely new quantum states — and they think the discovery could lead to quantum computers that don’t need error correction at all.

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