Joined a Chia Pool & did the first Plot NFT with MadMax – 1089

Joined a Chia Pool & did the first Plot NFT with MadMax – 1089

2021-07-27T19:42:50+00:00July 27th, 2021|Water Energy|

In this video I update me version of Chia : to the at this time newers version 1.2.2. Witch is one of the first versions that will allow you to join and farm your chia with in a pool.

I joined this pool : see there website here :

I then configure MadMax, that I pickup here :
I saw this video : and got the line that I used in my video : ./chia_plot.exe -n 1 -f FarmerPublicKey -c PoolContractAddress -t G: -2 E: -d D: -r 14 -u 256 -v 128
from there.

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