Cameroon: Ambazonia ‘Colonel’ killed in Muyuka

Cameroon: Ambazonia ‘Colonel’ killed in Muyuka

2019-07-25T11:50:15+00:00July 25th, 2019|Water Energy|

A kingpin of the Ambazonia armed separatist group was killed on Tuesday February 5 in Muyuka, security sources have confirmed.

‘Colonel Virus’ as the gang leader was fondly called was killed in a crossfire between security forces and separatist fighters in Makanga, Muyuka-Fako Division of the South West region.

Two members of his gang were equally killed and others injured succeeded to escape, security sources said.

On a day where Ambazonia separatist fighters declared the start of a lockdown in the North West and South West regions, there was fierce fighting in Muyuka which forced several residents to remain indoors for their safety.

Muyuka which has been hardly hit since the conflict escalated was completely deserted on Tuesday with the quietness of the town punctured in greater parts of the day by gunshots.