Applications Due for Round 2 of the Solar Energy Innovation Network

Applications Due for Round 2 of the Solar Energy Innovation Network

2019-08-23T08:59:14+00:00August 23rd, 2019|Solar Energy|

The Solar Energy Innovation Network program is seeking applications for collaborative research projects that address challenges related to solar adoption in rural communities, at multifamily housing complexes, and at commercial buildings. Teams are encouraged to include State and local governments, utilities, industry, regulators, nonprofits, and academic institutions and may address topics in the following areas:

Solar in Rural Communities – Analysis and testing to help cooperative utilities, counties, and other rural community stakeholders understand the potential for solar energy to improve energy affordability and resilience.

Commercial-Scale Solar – Research and analysis to address market barriers and reduce the costs of solar energy for multifamily housing, community solar projects, and commercial buildings (e.g., offices, warehouses, hospitals, retail stores, college campuses, etc.).

Research projects may address solar power generation combined with other technologies, such as battery storage or micro grids. The selected project teams will work to address barriers to solar adoption through in-person meetings and targeted research and analysis over 15 months. These teams will be grouped based on common solar market challenges so that they can exchange ideas and address similar solar adoption issues. Teams will receive funding and access to technical expertise from U.S. DOE’s National Laboratories and other experts.

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